Brenta Dolomites

Due to the breathtaking natural beauty and specific geological and geomorphologic features, in 2009 the Brenta Dolomites were recognized by Unesco as a World Heritage site.

00-MdC Dolomiti di Brenta 3

The new World Heritage Site extends to nine Dolomite groups for a total area of 142,000 hectares (over 350,000 acres) across 5 provinces: Trento, Bolzano, Belluno, Pordenone, and Udine.

Situated on the western edge of the dolomites the Brenta Dolomites cover a 11,135 hectare area with the Giudicarie valleys on the west, Val di Non on the east, and Val di Sole to the north. There are four distinct groups: the southern group with the highest Cima Tosa peak (3.173 m); the central group with the Brenta peak (3.150 m) and the imposing and massive Grosté; ht northern group withn the Pietra Grande and Sasso Rosso peaks ; and also the Campa with the Monte Corona peak. Of all the peaks, the Campanil Basso (2.883 m), is the most renowned especially among experienced climbers.

The entire range is within the Adamello Natural Park territory.

Credits: APT Madonna di Campiglio Pinzolo Val Rendena