Information on Coronavirus in Trentino

Information on Coronavirus in Trentino
28 Feb 2020

Questions and answers


Does a holiday in Trentino involve risks?

At present, Trentino is not a risky destination: in fact there are no people with Coronavirus in the area.

Will I have difficulties in getting to Trentino and returning home?

At the moment there is no interruption or cancellation regarding transport to Trentino, nor to Italy or from Italy to abroad. Borders are open, airports and public transports operate regularly. There is therefore no difficulty in getting to our territory or returning to your Country. Some nations are adopting specific prevention measures, which mainly concern people coming from areas at risk. For reliable and always up-to-date information, we recommend visiting the website of your Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Are ski resorts open?

All services are guaranteed in Trentino. Accommodation facilities and ski resorts are regularly open, as well as museums, cinemas, restaurants, mountain huts, bars and other places of entertainment.

What precautions has the Trentino Health System taken to protect residents and guests?

The situation is constantly monitored by the local health authorities, which are able to guarantee health control in Trentino through the adoption of specific preventive actions and measures. All accommodation facilities owners are invited to call the 112 and communicate the possible presence of guests from lockdown municipalities, in order to allow local health personnel to promptly act if necessary. In addition, the daily disinfection of regional trains and all local public transport has been intensified.

Will I have problems staying in Trentino if I come from Lombardy or Veneto?

No, you won’t. Possible restrictions will be communicated through the information websites of the regions of Lombardy and Veneto.

Can I cancel my stay due to Coronavirus?

Trentino is not classified as a risk area, so there is no reason to cancel your stay. Therefore, cancellation policy of your accomodation facility will be applied in case of cancellation. The deposit will instead be returned only if it is a case of “force majeure”: for quarantined guests or guests coming from lockdown areas.

In case of emergency, who can I contact?

There is a toll-free number 800867388 (multilingual) created by Department of Civil Protection of Trento, useful for technical and health information on Coronavirus. The number is active from 8 am to 8p.m. To receive more information, the number 1500 is always active, while 112 should be used only for emergencies.



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