27 Giu 2018

The last days dedicated to the orienteering discipline, a sport through which it is possible to develop physical and mental skills at the same time. To practice this sport you must provide topographic maps made with appropriate symbols, to make timed routes through the achievement of a series of points reproduced on the map choosing from time to time, the shortest route or anyway more advantageous

From Madonna di Campiglio, Carisolo and Pinzolo 1,500 participants from 18 different countries will take part in the 5 Days of Italy, a very important international orienteering event

Orientation athletes, equipped with a topographic map (and a compass not always necessary) start running on foot at intervals of one minute from each other; they must complete their journey as quickly as possible by reaching all the “lanterns” (checkpoints that guarantee the exactness of the route) marked on the map and scattered along the route.

Here are the last events!
Friday 29 – Stage 4, Middle – Campo Carlo Magno Pass, first departure at 11.00 (departure and arrival Fortini); awards ceremony 2 ^ -3 ^ -4 ^ stage in Piazza Sissi in Madonna di Campiglio at 18.30 (in case of bad weather Paladolomiti)
Saturday 30 – Stage 5, Sprint / Middle – Carisolo-Pinzolo, first departure at 11.00 from Carisolo, arrival at Pinzolo; awards ceremony in Piazza S. Giacomo at 15.00

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Photo credit: pixabay