Regional Culinary Traditions

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The Val Rendena has string culinary traditions which offer a variety of rustic dishes based on genuine and locally sourced natural ingredients from the forests and pastures of the valley: cheese, cured meats, mushrooms, game, polenta and aromatic herbs.

Besides production of Grana Trentino, local cheese are Spressa DOP delle Giudicarie which as one of the oldest cheeses in the Alps is produced exclusively with raw milk from Rendena cows, the only indigenous bovine race in the area. There is, in fact, an annual festival dedicated to these cows (Giovenche di Razza Rendena) in Pinzolo at the end of every summer.

There is also a long tradition of superior cured meats: garlic salami, speck, sausage, lard and bacon.

Herb infused grappas are another local specialty using plants from the mountains: pine, asperula, juniper and gentian root.

Refined restaurants and rustic farm locales alike offer hearty Val Rendena dishes made with a long history of tradition: polenta and game stew, polenta and cabbage, game and other local pasta dishes like canederli, orzetto, and strangolapreti.

Source: – Photo: Johann Jaritz