Rock Climbing

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The Brenta dolomites have some of the most beautiful  and intense climbing routes up amazing peaks that beckon sportsman every year. By the end of the 19th-century these peaks were discovered by the British and English mountaineers. These explorers were from the noble classes, cartographers and scientists and thus was born a tradition of mountain holidays for the upper classes of society in the region. After John Ball traversed the Brenta peak it was Francis Fox Tuckett, for which the eponymous Tuckett Lodge (Rifugio Tuckett) was named, who explored this group of mountains around 1870. After his visit it was only a couple of decades before dolomite mountaineering developed into a serious sport with its peaks being conquered by Germans, Austrians and Italians including some of the best in the world: Riccardo Cassin, Reinhold Messner, Bruno Detassis, Cesare Maestri, Walter Bonatti … just to name a few illustrious climbers who summited these mountain faces. Three extraordinary natural amphitheater basins of the Brenta mountains began forming about 220 million years ago and today towers, spires,  pillars and peaks make up a wonderful gym for climbers and another mountaineers.

A couple of the most famous peaks are:  The Preuss and the Maestri Alimonta on the great obelisk of the Campanil Basso, the via delle Guide on the Crozzon di Brenta, the Detassis on the Cima Brenta Alta.

There are good alpine guides available the help you plan a mountaineering trip in the Brenta dolomites.

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