A special lake: Montagnoli Lake

A special lake: Montagnoli Lake
30 Mag 2016

Madonna di Campiglio is now host to a new and special lake. The Montagnoli Lake is one of the largest lake basins for man-made snow. The Alpine lake is 36,000 m2 and can hold 200,000 m3 of water from which the snow making cannons can quickly blanket kilometers of runs  around Madonna di Campiglio. Created by the ski lift society, Società delle Funivie di Madonna di Campiglio the lake does not look man-made but rather fits perfectly into the natural bowl among the pine forests. Much attention was paid in order to place it in the natural setting where it sits in harmony with the surrounding nature.

The Montagnoli Lake is located right below Montagnoli hut near Pian della Zedola on the Spinale side at 1,764 m and in summer is a great destination for a mountain hike.

  • 360 m long
  • 120 m wide
  • 12 m deep
  • 1 km circumferance